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Our Mission Statement ...

Our vision is to demonstrate to the people of Swanage, and beyond, the love of God we see reflected in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, in order to bring about lasting spiritual and social transformation.

Key Principles ...

  ·         Mission starts with and in the love of God, and nowhere else.   The love of God is not a vague concept of wishful thinking - an empty space to be filled with our best ideas.  Rather it has been defined and demonstrated for us, once for all, in Jesus.  He is our window into God. 

 ·         Therefore for us mission starts as we enter into the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  In practical terms this commits us to praying and worshipping together and immersing ourselves in the Biblical narrative, of which Jesus is the centre.   As we link our life stories with the story of Jesus we will discover soon enough that this commits us to walking in the way of the cross, with all that means in terms of costly self-giving.

 ·         Though every disciple should have a sense of personal vocation about his or her life and work, the greater mission to which God calls us all involves the whole church acting in covenant together with God and with one another.   Therefore we best express our unity in Christ when we act together in mission with our brothers and sisters in Christ of every tradition, language and culture.

 ·         The good news of Jesus which we are called to live and to demonstrate is not just to inform or enlighten the world.  Rather, in the power of the Spirit, It is to change radically a sinful world – starting with ourselves. Therefore as our lives begin to show the effect of living “under new management”  (ie under the sovereign rule of God in Christ) so, together, we become an agent of his transforming grace -  God’s transformed and transforming people who experience and share his grace and forgiveness.

 ·         The transformation achieved by the Spirit through an obedient Church may start with a spiritual awakening but as the process continues we should expect to see it extending to every aspect of life – including the social, cultural and political.  So the Church, as God’s covenant people, daily commits to “wrestle and fight and pray” for the coming of the Kingdom inaugurated by God in Christ.

 ·         In summary the Church becomes a sign of the Kingdom and a pointer to the future God has vouchsafed for all through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  The challenge before us is to begin to live that future now.

DespairZimbabwe Victims Support Fund - Our ex-minister, Graham Shaw, is one of the founders of this relief organisation and we do all we can to support him with fund raising and publicity.